A downloadable game for Windows

A small game made for the AGDG Halloween Jam 2017, made in about ~1.5 week.

A fairly basic platformer with 4 zones to explore. You control a restless skull trying to find some peace in a dying world of blood & bones. Gain more fossil fuel by pushing bones into the sea of blood, but don't fall down yourself due to the various hazards.

Controls: ────────────────────────────────────────

A,D or ← → — Move

Space — Jump

LCtlr/LMouse — Extra jump   [uses Fossil Fuel]  [Spammable]

+ You can wall-jump.

+ You can stick to walls.   [Move towards the wall]

+ Push skulls in the sea of blood to gain fossil fuel.

Other: ────────────────────────────────────────

+ Some areas have generated parts so expect a mess from time to time.

+ Assets & textures by me.

+ Sounds: using 3 free 'bones' sounds onFreesound, from: soundscalpel, spookymodem and cliftonmcarlson.

+ Ambient music: From stk13 (Freesound). I modified it a bit for creepiness.

+ Happy Halloween!


RollTheBones.zip 25 MB

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